Over 35s disclaimer & warranty

1. The over 35's is a social competition of players coming together. Your acceptance and understanding of the following is signified by your signature appearing on the form given by Derek.

2. Football/soccer is a body contact sport from which serious injury, disablement or even death may occur. I play at my own risk and I hereby agree to fully indemnity anyone involved in the competition against any damages, losses, or judgements which may occur as a result of my playing football/soccer.

3. I acknowledge that I have been made aware and am aware there isn't any personal accident or injury insurance associated with the competition. I acknowledge I have been advised I should seek independent advice regarding personal insurance.

4. The competition has a public liability insurance policy. The insurer is Sports Underwriting Australia Pty Ltd. The policy is available for inspection upon request.

Games this week

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Week Game Day Date Time Team 1   Team 2
Over35s 12 1 WED 2018-03-14 vs JGFA
Over35s 12 2 WED 2018-03-14 vs Moody Blues
Over35s 12 3 WED 2018-03-14 vs J-Team
Over35s 13 1 WED 2018-03-21 vs Reds
Over35s 13 2 WED 2018-03-21 vs Moody Blues