Welcome to Cairns over 35s social soccer

Welcome to the 2018 Over 35’s and over 45’s Season. Our first game will be Wednesday 28th Feb 2018

2017 was a great season with the introduction of the JGFA team to the over 35’s and Mareeba entering a strong team in to the over 45,s. It is a huge effort for the boys from Mareeba to make a 2 hour return trip every week, which we are very pleased they do as it makes the overall competition more fun. This year we now welcome an over 45 JGFA team so the league continues to grow and we wish you the best of luck.

In 2017 Moodie Blues fielded both an over 35 team and an over 45 team, both teams reached the grand finals however the 45’s fell at the final hurdle to the Victory Boys. The Moodie Blues over 35 team won the League title and the grand finals for the second year running..

While we are a social league and competition, we do have some rules and whilst we try to keep it simple, please take the time to check out the changes and if you have any questions please raise them with your team captain

At this time Stratford FC intend to close the fields in the June School holidays, so we will take a 2 week break.  As state of origin games are played on a Wednesday night we will play on the Monday night on SoO weeks.

Below are the main rules to consider.

Over 35’s Rules

1. Each team can have up to 4 players on the pitch at anytime aged between 30-34 years old.

2. Any person found to be fighting will now be suspended for 4 weeks. If any player commits the same offence twice, they will be asked to leave the competition.

3. If a player is sent off, you cannot replace them with a substitute.

4. No slide tackles or excessive physical play.  Excessive physical play will be determined by the referee.

5. If your team has 11 players you cannot use a player from another team.

6. Registration should be paid before you can play. Registration is $50.00 If your team plays an unregistered player you can not play for points. If the player tries to play for a 2nd week the referee will not allow them to play.

7. If you have any questions or suggestions please raise it with your team captain and they can then raise it at the next meeting.

Over 45 Rules

1.Each team can have up to 2 players on the pitch at anytime aged between 40 - 44

2.The Goal keeper was considered as a specialist position and if your team is missing a keeper you may ask a keeper from the 45’s to fill in for you without compromising any other rules.

3. Rules 2-7 above also apply to the Over 45’s

Otherwise, please enjoy the game and try and remember the overall spirit of why we play social Football.

Games this week

Show the Draw

Week Game Day Date Time Team 1   Team 2
12 1 WED MAR 14 7.45pm JGFA vs Bavarians
12 2 WED MAR 14 7.25pm Moody Blues vs Saints
12 3 WED MAR 14 8.30pm J-Team vs Reds
13 1 WED MAR 21 6.20pm Reds vs Bavarians
13 2 WED MAR 21 7.25pm Moody Blues vs J-Team
13 3 WED MAR 21 8.30pm Saints vs JGFA
14 3 WED MAR 28 6.20pm Moody Blues vs JGFA